Hundreds of people arrive in our city every day: they were forced to flee from the war or to leave the occupied cities, such as Kherson, Berdyansk, Mariupol, smaller towns and villages… for 3 months tens of thousands of refugees passed through our city. Many stayed here because they could not or did not want to leave the country.

Odessa is very lucky that the war began in the Eastern Ukraine, that Mykolaiv, under daily shelling, defended us by its powerful shield, that the Mariupol cyborgs distracted the enemy’s fire for 82 days, and that the enemy in general got stuck in the Eastern Ukraine by soldiers from all over Ukraine and there are no resources for the enemy to advance here, although they are eager to hang their tricolor rag on the Odessa Opera House.

Odesa is already beholden to those who lost their lives, items, houses and entire cities in order to prevent evil from spreading over the whole Ukraine, who took THIS SIDE in order to withdraw from occupation, often at risk of life.

How can we repay them this debt? By means of hospitality!

We provide them a basket of foodstuff and household chemicals, for 3 weeks and for a family of 4 people, we give clothes, hygiene, medicine. We collect our basket “like for yourself”, so that Odesa citizens would not be ashamed in front of our guests. We do not want to lower the bar. That is why we invite those, who value peace in Odesa, to help us by providing them food, clothes and essentials.