Odesa, Mykolaiv & Kherson stand together!

Without the Armed Forces, the Territorial Defense, the police and all those who are defending the country today with weapons in their hands, Ukraine would no longer exist. However, we have never had an army of 700,000 soldiers, so there will always be gaps in supply, to be closed as quickly as possible, so that our soldiers would die less. We can only close them all together. 

From the very beginning, our Public Association actively helped the Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense. In the first weeks, hundreds of food parcels were shipped to various destinations every day. We brought a 40ft truck of protective equipment (summer uniform, summer boots, bags, gloves, slings, headphones, googles, lighters, etc.) from Turkey at the request of several military units. Every month at the expense of donation funds we buy thousands of various equipment, tools, consumables and supplies – from shovels to body armor, having performed numerous requests of military units. 

The following organizations are cooperating with us: 

  1. Yeti: every day it supplies hundreds of military first aid kits and performs hospital requests,
  2. Workshop for sewing thousands of pairs of excellent tactical footwear from Dorian Gray: it regularly increases capacity and improves the product,
  3. Workshop for weaving camouflage nets and sewing poncho camouflage suits.

Such work quality is confirmed by numerous requests increasing day-by-day. 

These areas regularly need funding, so we invite you to perform requests together. 

Let us answer the question “What do you need right now?”. The summer has come, while most of the soldiers are wearing winter ankle boots. You can try wearing them at +25+30°C and evaluate your fighting ability, can’t you? 

We are ready to sew at least 50 – 70 units of tactical footwear per day and to send them to the Armed Forces at prime cost, but we need funds for materials and labor force. We regularly perform requests for +/- 500-1000 units of tactical footwear. If you buy 1-5-20-200 pairs for the Armed Forces, your help will be VERY useful.